About Marianos

I’m Marianos. In a former life, I was a head chef and culinary entrepreneur. I’ve built and sold close to 20 boutique food and beverage concepts in the US and Australia, and consulted on many more. My career took me around the world, in search of inspiration from locals in every corner of the world.

I’ve been on a career break since 2016, searching for my next thing. I’ve mostly spent this time in India and Thailand (heaven for flavour seekers), and sporadically around Asia Pacific. I naturally gravitated towards these 2 countries because of their rich culture, food and large degree of separation from my comfort zone.

I decided to start this blog to journal my experiences during this career break. I’m deeply interested in exploring local fresh and wet markets to discover local produce, flavours, ingredients and recipes. I also document my local experiences that aren’t for tourist. I love exploring beneath the veil of tourism, to experience how locals live, eat, play and party.

– Marianos Stephano