Best Markets in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok is not just the most populous one in the country of Thailand but also is considered the most popular one too. This is one city that is known for a variety of things and one of the many things is said to be the tourism industry.

However, for the tourism industry to thrive you ought to have good shopping places and markets. Bangkok lives up to the expectations and has many markets that you should not miss visiting if you are in Thailand. We look at a few of them that you may like to visit.

Chatuchak Market

This market is often referred to the mother of all markets in Bangkok. It is also widely considered to be the biggest outdoor market in all of the world. This market is said to be a tourist attraction that most tourists do not wish to miss for anything when in Bangkok.

Almost all of the things that you wish to find in Thailand is said to be available in this one place in Bangkok. The better part of the chatuchak market is the prices at which you can purchase anything that you please. Affordability makes this market better than others.

Neon Night Market

This new market in Thailand is a relatively new one considering how old the other ones are. It was opened in the year 2016 and has been popular ever since. It is also called as the downtown night market of Bangkok. Delicious street food is something you can enjoy here.

There are also bars that are placed outdoors which tourists choose to enjoy when in Bangkok. Fashion, handicrafts, souvenirs, fashion accessories, and live music are some of the things that you are likely to enjoy when you visit the Neon night market.

Sampeng Market

Sampeng Market is apparently considered to be by far the busiest of all markets in Bangkok. However, some people wish to contradict with this but you can be assured to find yourself lost in a sea of people when you visit this market in Bangkok.

It is also commonly known as the Bangkok’s Chinatown by the locals. The long stretch of market is about a kilometre with thousands of stalls. You would be overwhelmed to see different things that you may not have imagined ever to be sold in the Sampeng market.

Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market

Anyone who even remotely has an interest towards flora or flowers would find this market a very interesting place indeed. Apart from the market itself being colorful it can also completely overwhelm anyone who visits it with its lovely smell.

Klongsan Market

The Klongsan market is a place in which you are not likely to come across too many tourists. On a typical evening in this place, you would find a lot of locals who wish to finish their work and come here to shop for their needs and requirements.

Shopping with the locals is the kind of experience that you are likely to get due to not many tourists knowing about its existence. Apart from daily needs, you would also find delicious street food, fashion, accessories, and many more that are typically Thai.

Train Night Market or Talat Rot Fai

The reason for this market place being listed among the last ones is due to its immense popularity and confusion. There are two different markets that are associated with this name which confuses people further. It is popular with tourists as well as locals.

You would not be surprised to see how this market operates as you might have already seen tons of videos about it. A train goes through the market that has stalls based on both sides of the track. When the train does not run the tracks are filled with stalls too.

Bottom Line

Thailand is a lovely place both for tourists and locals with Bangkok topping the popularity chart. People not just from the country choose to visit Bangkok but also from around the world too. It has many places of interest and specifically markets.

It might be a difficult proposition for people to put a tab on the best markets in Bangkok. This is because there are often new markets coming up each and every year. This makes the existing markets obsolete paving way for them to fail dramatically in some cases.